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Bhpsolution Company started its operations in small and small business with limited resources in the year 2003 and in the process of its activities initially put the web design and databases on the agenda, this process continued in cooperation with various companies. To put this collection on the road with the theme that it received and provided to them as a pact from larger companies. Recent activities gradually expanded, and the company competed in the field of advertising and, in particular, the production of multimedia CDs professionally and by recruiting experienced staff in the market, and in the evolutionary process of activities, the division into a hardware component of the software and their continued activities With two distinct titles I achieved with a single management.

In April 2005, bhpsolution, with the help of its technical experts, continued its activities using the science of the day. Fortunately, the review and elimination of the disadvantages and deficiencies of the planning and modifiability of the complex has been successful, and the previous customers of the set have also made the co-workers and advisers appropriate in It has changed its work practices, and it has given the honor to the company that, despite the emphasis on keeping the collection small in organization, it finds the ability to execute large projects in any way, in terms both of the time and the desirable quality of order and execution. Got up to Iodine has been ordered and employers

In order to inform you about the history of the activities of Bhp Solution software engineering company, you can find out about the company's work history in the form of projects and get acquainted with the company's customers.

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Software Department

web design

Hosting Department

web design

Web design Department

web design
Manager: Mr Askar Mahdavian
Technical Manager: Mr Ehsun Zahedi

The manager's email is :[email protected]